Veteran Association submits testimony for Capitol War Memorial

The Oregon Veterans Association submitted testimony on SB 1542 which is an important logistical step in creating the Oregon Vietnam Memorial in the Oregon State Capital.

Here is that testimony:

The Oregon Veterans Association supports SB 1542The Oregon Veterans Association supports SB 1542 as an important step to getting Oregon closer to building the Vietnam War Memorial at the State Capitol.

As a Marine Combat Vietnam veteran I feel a solemn purpose to see this memorial be builtto honor the men and women who have served and to inspire those who may desire toserve in the future.We need to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and did not have the opportunity to be writing this note of support for the Memorial.

As we have been fundraising support fortheMemorial, many Veterans’ wives have responded with personal notes along with their contributions as their husband had recently passed away. It is a stark reminder of how timely we must proceed with finishing this very important memorial project.Please pass SB 1542

— You can read more on SB 1542 here.


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