Support the Vietnam War Memorial at the State Capitol

By Bill Adams,
Oregon Veterans Association,

Oregonians are organizing a Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds

“Let us honor our warriors and remember the fallen”

Located at the southwest corner of Wilson Park on Oregon State Capital Grounds in Salem, the proposed memorial will feature …

– Vietnam memorial: A set of black granite columns to commemorate the 710 Oregonians killed in the Vietnam War. Their names will listed by their home of record
– Four benches – Brothers Benches — to honor the two Oregon families that lost two sons in Vietnam.
– Persian Gulf Memorial: A Persian Gulf War Memorial will pay tribute the six Oregonians who died in Operation Desert Storm.
– Purple Heart Memorial: A plaque remembering all recipients of the Purple Heart Medal from Oregon
Gold Star memorial: A memorial monument designed by the Hershel “Woody” Williams Foundation will honor the more than 6,000 Gold Star Families from Oregon.

You can take a virtual tour here:

I was very moved by the this quote from Ted Roberts on his Vietnam-return-to-America experience.

“I had expected a thank you when I got home, but what I got was war protesters. Suddenly, I was faced with the view that because I had served in Vietnam there was something wrong with me. I learned that Vietnam was a taboo subject, so it became a secret time in my life. It wasn’t until 20 years later that someone finally said ‘thank you’ to me for serving my country.”
Ted Roberts
Gresham, Oregon

This is just one reason why we should build the Oregon Vietnam War Memorial at the State Capitol grounds which is one of the most visited sites in Oregon.


Make a donation to support building the Vietnam War Memorial in the State Capitol

Oregon Veteran’s Association
PO Box 2385
Beaverton, OR, 97075

OVA is a 501 c(4) in application.
Donations not exempt.

All donations the Veterans Association receives will go towards the main Vietnam War memorial Fund

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